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Steps for the First-Time Home Buyer

Buying a home is one of the most exciting things you can ever do in your life. But it can also be terrifying if you have no idea what you’re doing. How you experience the home buying process is determined by how well you are prepared and what you know.
Here are 6 steps for the first-time home buyer.

1. Get Pre-Approved

Pre-approved home buyers are often preferred when it comes to negotiating a home purchase. Merely because they are proven to be more financially qualified and considered for being more serious about buying a home. This will also serve as a reality check if you are unsure of a home you may not be able to afford.

2. Find a Realtor


Find a Realtor you can depend on in helping you find the home of your dreams. They are the key to helping you find the home you want in the area you want for the price you want. Be sure to ask for references as most qualified agents will happily provide them.

3. Search for Homes


The fun part about searching for a home is the search. For example if you are searching for Kelowna homes for sale, you’ll want to start by creating a checklist of all the features you want as this will help narrow down your search. Call your agent and have them do the research before looking.

4. Find a Home and Make an Offer

Once you’ve narrowed your list down, it is time to decide on what you like. When you take a decision on the home, your agent will make an analysis of the given property to help determine the market value of the home.
Decide on home much you are willing to pay for the house passed on the given value. Be realistic and figure out what’s negotiable to you. Make your offer and wait for the seller’s acceptance, rejection or counteroffer.

5. Get Inspections and Do a Walk-through

Ask to inspect the property to help you receive a conditional offer. Your agent is responsible for making sure this step runs smoothly. Agreements allow the buyer to follow a pre-closing inspection to find any immediate problems with the home. This gives sellers enough time to fix anything that is needed.

6. Close in on Your Home and Move in!


Once everything is prepared, you will then sign the mortgage documentation and present the down payment for the home. Make arrangements to move in and get started on your life in a new home.

Follow these steps to set you on the right path of buying a home with ease.