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5 Most Beautiful Towns in British Columbia

The gorgeous untouched landscapes of British Columbia make it almost impossible to reject the idea of living near icy fjords, jagged mountains, and stunning coastlines. The towns are filled with unique character that you may not find elsewhere.

Here are the five most beautiful towns in British Columbia.



With a mix of Canadian heritage and the surf-town style of California, Tofina attracts millions of visitors every year. Torfino is filled with fine dining, art galleries, and scene landscapes. With plenty of activities to do, you can view the Pacific Ocean, hike in the surrounding forests and venture into hot springs.

Prince Rupert


Located on Kaien Island, Prince Rupert is surrounded by icy mists as the town is set on the Skeena River. It is surrounded by coastal rainforests, mountains and overlooks an archipelago of islands.



As the laid-back town of British Columbia, Ucluelet provides numerous outdoor activities along with many places to eat and shop. The streets are filled with B&Bs, restaurants, artisan shops and more. Head towards the outskirts of town and go for a hike, kayak or even surf.



Ranked at the top five ski destination in the world, Whistler held the 2010 Winter Olympics and had only increased to better fame. The town is towered by the Blackcomb Mountains and offers all types of winter sports. There are also summer games that can be enjoyed all year long. Whistler Village is now a favorite place to visit, especially when rooftops are covered in snow.



The gorgeous wilderness scenery of Nelson overlooks the dark blue waters of Kootenay Lake. You can find many parks and beaches along the waterfront. The town itself is home to nearly 300 heritage buildings that were built in the 19th- 20th centuries. Many are still well-preserved and have been converted into cafes, galleries, and boutiques.

What other towns in British Columbia are you interested in living? Comment below and let us know.